Combination 316SS Shower Single Nozzle Eye Wash With Bowl & Foot Treadle

Product Code: SE612T316

  • Features
  • Combination Shower and EyeWash station constructed in 316 stainless steel specifically for harsh Australian conditions.  This high grade stainless steel model provides greater corrosion resistance  and durability for marine and harsh chemical environments.
  • All of the following components are made pf 316 stainless steel:
  • Shower stanchion (including base plate, barrel union & threaded connections)
  • Eyewash bowl assembly including mounting socket for spray head assembly
  • Eye wash spray head assembly
  • Shower arm & Manifold T-Junction
  • Pull rod & Push Handle
  • Foot treadle assembly with chain.
  • Eye/ Face Wash base assembly including flow control
  • Operation: Shower by hand, Eyewash by hand or foot.
  • Dimension (mm): 2450H x 470W x 883D mm
  • Rec Min Connection: 25mm
  • Rec Min Supply: 120-130 LPM
  • Shower Flow Rate: 90 LPM
  • Eye Wash Flow Rate: 20 LPM
  • Minimum Pressure: 210 kPa
  • Material of Construction: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Australian Standard: AS4775
Kit Components
Combination 316SS Shower Triple Nozzle Eye & Face Wash With Bowl & Foot Treadle
Single Aerated Eyewash Nozzle Assembly
Triple Aerated Eye And Face Wash Nozzle Assembly
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